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Seed Bakery @ Pasadena

Best Thing: The Bread.

Might Not Like: Maybe that the place is on the smaller side, but the space is cute and comfy.

Pasadena is home to a new organic bakery tucked into the end of a strip mall right near the corner of Washington and Lake. Seed, formerly only available at the Altadena farmer’s market, now has a darling little establishment that sells bread, pastries, breakfast, and lunch. With easy parking in the back of the restaurant, it’s quick to pop in and procure some deliciousness.

Be warned, however, that this bread is not your fluffy, froofy storebaked bread. This is old school, feels like it might have been dropped off by a covered wagon carried by four horses kind of bread. Made with organic whole grains and fermented the old fashioned way, all the bread that is offered at Seed tastes like the real thing. When I am eating bread from Seed, I get the sense that I am being nourished. The hearty denseness of the loaf combined with the slight tang of the fermenting fill my mouth and nostrils and remind me that real food is where its at.

If Seed were only a bakery full of bread, that would be enough to warrant a visit, but I have recently discovered that Seed is so much more. The pastries that cover their side counter are delicious. One of my favorites is strawberry pound cake with just the right amount of heft and just sweet enough to complement the beautiful, fresh strawberries on top. But there are many other pastries as well, and if you stop in before 3:00, you can also indulge in their breakfast or lunch menu.

I love that Seed cooks with organic, cage free eggs and the whole development of their menu points to this type of detail in their food. The quiche is amazing, full of fresh produce and with a perfectly crafted crust like your grandma used to make, if your grandma lived on a farm in rural America or Europe They also serve a variety of sandwiches and salads and soup and eggs and granola and not to be left out of the every present craze, toast with a choice of various toppings.

In short, Seed is well worth a stop.

Only a little HIPish despite the yellow and grey color scheme, but quite a bit of HOMEY, and a little bit of French café.

It’s organic and fresh and therefore on the SPENDY side, but for organic food, it is reasonably priced.

Menu (just the bread, but they serve breakfast and lunch too):!menu/cqnr

Seed Bakery

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