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Lincoln @ Altadena

The Best: Great space and beautiful place to meet friends for a fresh and tasty lunch, and you can get breakfast and lunch all day!  Might Not Like: It can get busy during the lunch hour, and parking can be a little hard to come by.

This delightful café is part warehouse, part boho, part hipster and a whole lot of delicious. The tastechild of the Little Flower Candy Co. creator, this bright and sunny café has been a welcome addition to Lincoln Ave in Altadena, transforming the eating landscape in wholesome and beautiful ways. The space is dotted with tables and decorated by shelves of confections and take-home food goodies. Their set menu of breakfasts like chilaquiles and pancakes, ever-present bowls, and lunches defined by colorful sandwiches and salads are always complimented by a fairly extensive list of daily specials.

The food is good. Colorful and fresh and made in a kitchen that is open to the high white-beamed ceiling, the collection of greens and kale and pretty yellow egg yolks are perfectly in line with the new definition of daytime dining in LA. There are plenty of veggies and creative offerings like falafel salad and tomato basil garlic quiche, mixed with the more traditional ham and brie sandwich.

But a trip to Lincoln for me is usually about the pastries. In fact, I feel remiss to be this far in to the review before mentioning the expansive, eye-level glass case that holds scones and cakes and cookies, a variety of croissants, and more. Many a morning, a scone and cup of Stumptown coffee are just what I need to ease me into the day. Sitting at the outdoor picnic tables in the tree-surrounded patio holding on to a perfect pastry and sipping sweet caffeine, makes the morning great.

Lincoln is a place were people meet. Friends often scan the room looking for each other, calling out and greeting with hugs. Meetings take place on the while marble tables, and families gather together around food that every age can enjoy. In recent months, the industry has found this place and there are many times when the clientele is a curious mix of moms, girlfriends, rocket scientists, and 45 year olds who look like they just let out of a Dave Matthews concert. Perhaps this is the proximity of the Jet Propulsion Lab, all the schools in the area, and the new studios that are popping up on this once relatively deserted stretch of street. Or maybe it’s just that the food and the setting are great, and people are flocking to enjoy a lunch with friends in a fun place.

There is something for everyone at Lincoln. Something great. And it’s totally worth a trek to this part of town.

Hip, Trendy and Reasonably priced.


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