There is no shortage of places to grab a bite to eat in the metropolis that is LA.

There is also no doubt that some places are divine while others leave you wishing that we had a few fewer places slinging hash.

Hip & Trendy * Cheap & Spendy is a great place to read straight up reviews of places all over the LA metro area and beyond.


I am an unpaid, unbiased, intentionally anonymous foodie from way back when who grew up on the East Coast and has eaten everything from the best barbecue Alabama has to offer, to the best baked goods of Pennsylvania Dutch country, the amazing pastas of Roma, schnitzles straight from the cast iron skillet in a small German village, in five stars and diners and everything in between.

I love food, and I want to help you find food that you can love too.

I am committed to clean, minimally processed, often organic, and local when possible culinary experiences.  Naturally with restaurants, that quadfecta is not always a possibility, but I do my best to find and highlight places that embody what it is to eat real food.  And occasionally I include some places that stray a little from that commitment, knowing that life is less about being perfect and more about finding the good.