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Donut Farm @ Silver Lake

The Best:  The chocolate crumb donut…or the coconut…or the philz coffee.  I don’t know.  Oh wait…they’re ORGANIC.

Might Not Like:  These are simple donuts.  If you are looking for meta donut creations, these might be a little plain.

Donut Farm is an all organic, vegan donut place in the sea of Los Angeles strip mall donut establishments. Housed in an old school donut shop with those tacky signs from your childhood, you do not get that “we love you and the earth” organic vibe when you walk in. It feels a little more like a place that Chief Clancy Wiggum might wander into between drives past the Simpson’s house.

But this place is legit. It’s organic and vegan and their donuts are fried in organic, ethically and responsibly sourced palm oil. The display case is about 75% cake donuts and 35% yeast raised. But these yeast-raised delights are brought to life with wild, fermented yeast.   And they are delicious.

Like most great donuts shops, Donut Farm has trendy flavors like salted caramel and coffee and matcha green tea, but they also do the classics really well. Their raised glazed is fluffy and good, and their crumb cake donut is something you can really sink your teeth into as long as you have a napkin around to catch the overflow of crumb wonderfulness. The cake is just sweet enough and is so nicely complementd by the glaze. You feel like there is plenty of interest without risk of losing the essence of what it is to be a donut.

As great as these donuts are, you might notice that they are really just a variation on a theme. All of the cake donuts are simple rings draped in a deliciously thick glaze that gives the donut its flavor. This is not to say that it’s bad, but if you are looking for the creative powerhouse of donut contortion that can now be found around town, this isn’t the place.

What they do do well is a classic donut with delightful flavors in an old school location and all organic and vegan. And really…isn’t that exactly what we’re looking for?

You might recognize these donuts from Pepples in the Bay Area, and yes, they are the same place. So if you’ve enjoyed them there, welcome to Donut Farm, the LA equivalent. And if you haven’t a chance to stop by yet, do. It’s the perfect place to get a great tasting donut careful crafted with all the right ingredients.

Keep growning, Donut Farm. We love your honeyed harvest.

HIP…most definitely, TRENDY…well I think they are doing a wonderful job of eschewing that in all the right ways.

CHEAP…for organic donuts, you bet.