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Alcove Cafe @ Los Feliz

Best Thing: The patio and the eggs benedict and the beautiful case of cakes that you can drool over while you stand in line to order.

Might not Like: The pancakes and the line that you have to stand in to order.

It’s Los Feliz for crying out loud, so the trendy factor is turned on high here at the Alcove where you have plastic rattan chairs and a valet stand ready to whisk your car away so that you can sit under the numerous rust-orange umbrellas and enjoy your meal in this delightfully tucked away place. The setting is charming. Little tables spaced just right around a wonderfully decorated patio. And the service is great with servers delivering and removing your plates seamlessly accompanied by their friendly and helpful smiles and their willingness to move an umbrella or table if the sun shines in your eyes.

Everyone at Alcove always seems to be having a lovely time. Not just a nice morning out, but a truly, I don’t work normal hours so I can brunch for the whole morning on Tuesdays kind of lovely time. It’s chill and relaxed and welcoming, and if you have time to kill, this is the place in what are otherwise fairly urban surroundings.

Alcove is known for their eggs benedict. The portions are good-sized, the sauce is the right consistency, and the presentation is pristine. They are also known for their cakes and baked goods, which are visually fantastic and make me want to try them all. They have a nice bowl of berries that pairs nicely with many of their other meals, and overall their food is ok. But honestly, it is really just ok. Their pancakes, dare I say it, have the distinctly springy texture that makes me wonder if they were shaken and poured out of one of those little yellow bottles. For me, if you can’t do pancakes, the food non-cooking bachelor’s the world over have perfected, then really, can you do food?

But perhaps I am a bit harsh. If you don’t come to Alcove for the food, it’s worth it for the lovely experience. And the food’s not bad. It’s like most food. Good enough and filling and the perfect excuse for wiling away your morning enjoying the outdoors and a cup of joe.

TRENDY, like we have a valet and you can sit here as long as you like, trendy.

Not cheap, but not really too spendy. CHENDY it is.